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Giovanni Molica Cacciolo is Sicilian, began his career in Bergamo in a mechanical workshop, but then abandons this activity to devote himself together with his wife in the family business; Gabriella Grismondi is from Bergamo, a girl devoted to the activity of the family small fish shop, right from the start her commercial determination gave new and strong impetus to the work.

We are talking about the story of a couple that fifty years ago has bet on a business that today represents excellence in Bergamo in the fishing sector and beyond; the protagonists are obviously Gabriella and Giovanni and their work: "Orobica Fishing". Precisely in 1965, when the warehouses in Bianzana street, still important company headquarters, are converted into spaces dedicated to the commercialization, It's the date of birth of the company: the name "Orobica Pesca", a combination of the land of Bergamo and sea of Sicily, thanks to the intuition of Gabriella is registered trademark.

This is the beginning of a story that has profoundly affected not only the fish trading but also the catering and even the eating habits of Bergamo. Because it is beyond doubt: if it was not for them, Bergamo would not have become the reference point for the kitchen of sea fish that instead he is unanimously recognized.
It was not so easy, the first years were hard, Giovanni from the beginning he had to earn the trust of customers with difficulty, but his extraordinary communication skills, the spirit of sacrifice and his encyclopedic knowledge allowed to him to be "the king of fish" that everyone knows today.
We must remember that years ago our dinner tables did not have the variety of fish that today we have, Giovanni already in the seventies with his first refrigerated truck went daily to the fish markets of Milan and Chioggia to buy freshly caught products, 150 thousand kilometers every year to ensure quality, freshness and especially varieties. The wife Gabriella, In fishmorgen, dispensed tips for converting the people of Bergamo, even the most skeptical, to the sea fish consumption of all types.
For a long time the Orobica Pesca's tips were the preserve of the few restaurants that have had the foresight to follow them, a combination that has proved successful because step by step the appreciations have become successes, the experiments of consolidated realities.
Sure there have been dark moments, the health problems of the fishing industry, the sector's bureaucracy have not stopped the tenacity of Cacciolo spouses who are still active in the company : Giovanni, after shopping at the fish market, works at the storehouse always at his table, with whom he shared the 50 springs passed, supported by his son in law, Ottavio Duzioni, and Gabriella that oversees the retail marketing with the help of his son Matteo.
Orobica Fishing today is a small community, in addition to the owners are working alongside them three children, Cristina, Franca, and Matteo, the general manager, rag. Fabrizio Bonifaccio, and a hundred people, mostly longtime collaborators. Customers are now friends for whom we try to do everything possible; quality, service and continuing education have always been the basis of company policy. To strengthen the service activity over the years were selected new references to complete the range, so not only fish, but everything you can imagine for a full menu. In a company marketing, the product selection, their control, storage and distribution are essential key points for the success, for this the company has invested in professional internal figures in the quality sector, Dr. Fabio Rauzzino, technologist, and Dr Sirio Fiorese, veterinary.
The distribution of wholesale products is now widespread in Lombardy and beyond, abroad can happen to enjoy good Mediterranean fish selected from Orobica Pesca in fact important customers are located in Las Vegas, Hong Kong, Switzerland and other markets are currently under development. The retail service is present in six stores: two in Bergamo, a historic in Bianzana street and the other in IV Novembre street, one in Stezzano, one in Clusone, one in Treviglio and one in Capriate San Gervasio.