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The Cash & Carry is the historical activity of Orobica Pesca and the place where professionals customers can find the best the market has to offer, in terms of exposure, assortment , advices and prices. The staff, highly specialized, assists clients during the product selection and seeks to meet their demands. The area devoted to the sale of fish products is about 1000m², while the frozen foods department, fresh and preserved is spread over an area of about 1500m².

The numbers of Cash & Carry:

2500m² of retail space
1000m³ of cells for fresh products
1000m³ of cells for frozen products
7 fish tanks for the storage of 150kg of live crustaceans each

Opening time:

Monday: 8.00-12.00 / 15.00-18.00
Tuesday and Wednesday: 7.00-12.30 / 15.00-18.00
Thursday: 7.00-12.30 / 14.30-18.00
Friday: 7.00-12.30 / 15.00-18.00
Saturday: 7.00-12.00
Sunday: 9.00-12.00 (no delivery service)